Thursday, 14 January 2010

what's on

First of all.... wow I didnt know and wasnt expecting this at all. According to some of those people who talked to me on Yahoo Messenger through this blog, my sociology blog entries are actually helping people with their essays or even exams?!?!?!

I might as well post some dance stuff?

Thursday, 11 June 2009

:) At last

Winnie, Nara, Siyi, Daisy, Chi, Mica, Wendy, Robin, James, Leo, Lex, Long, and everyone else..,

I Love You all :)
even if there's another 10 years, I'll never forget the time we were all together.

一年過得太快, 就算以後是不是有繼續聯絡, 這一年的快樂永遠都會在
想忘也忘不掉, 這就是真正難忘的回憶

You're always on my mind 你們是我心海最美的澎湃:D

As if the memories stay in the camera forever :)

when it's nearly finished

Haven't been blogging for awhile, most people had already gone home apart from those who are doing further maths. Well, I feel like I should post something on my blog...

Most people were at the ball and we all had a great time that I'd class it as the most precious time of the year.

A year has gone and it passed way faster than the past few years, I felt like it's only February.. If only I could predict what is going to happen or what has been changed.

First I dropped Biology and Sociology, then finally I've dropped Economics and Business Studies as well; most of my subjects really, apart from ICT. Although it seems like a waste of space for coming to EF, still I've learnt a lot as well, especially from Chris, and I wanted to thank you:) .

People come and went but memories stay.

Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Solar Charging Backpack

This is a quite good idea for people use backpack a lot, which they take it to school, work and even camping, etc. Take camping for example, this solar charging backpack would be an excellent invention because people always carry some digital technologies with them, such as Ipod, mobile phone; therefore the backpack gives the convenience when those things need to be charged.

It is technically smart where the bag has light weight with a compartment of a water bladder, in this case, it is suitable for biking and hiking. The Voltaic Converter has 4 watts of solar power which is for fast charging; in addition, it only allows small devices unlike laptops. Battery pack is included where can store power when it's needed, so then people do not have to worry about when the battery is going to run out. It has 11 adaptors for some easy connection to handheld electronic devices, the provision would be enough for people to choose to use.

It can be worn as a backpack and also a sling bag, which is a quite flexible choice for people to know which one is the most comfortable for them. Considerably, the price of the bag £149, it could be consider as a logical and reasonable price to buy this product. It is unique and it also offers different colours for the front panel, which is a quite wide range of style and functions as I have mentioned earlier.

Thursday, 19 February 2009

Is it ethical to advertise alcohol?

There are lots of advertisements that are trying to convince more and more people to buy alcohol, but is it ethical to advertise it? According to all the possibilities that teenagers who are under the legal age might consume alcohol and also cause problems because of it, etc. However, not all the alcoholic drinks are bad for us, there are some people regularly drink it for their own health.

The way of advertising alcohol is very important. Nowadays, some people get addicted on drinking, sometimes ended up with binge drinking; in addition if the idea of the advertisements lead people to the wrong side, then it's likely to be an encouragement in telling them to drink more and more. On the other hand, for instance, when advertising alcohol for people to drink healthily, such as a glass of red wine everyday, then this could be a benefit for people, on both knowledge and health.

Businesses also want more profit in what they are selling, throughout advertisements they are likely to get more attention from consumers. For my opnion, it's crucial for them to ensure the market research has done it properly, this is all about people's behaviour and attitude towards alcoholic drinks. Even though there are other drinks that are non-alcoholic but the shape/packaging are just like those real alcoholic drinks. In this case, they are trying to satisfy people who are under age but still could feel they are a part of the group.

It's hard to say whether is ethical to advertise alcohol or not because it would remains to be controversial. However, there are both benefits and drawbacks for people to consider when buying alcoholic drinks, so I think advertisements are just playing a role of influences that people might change they think of drinking alcohol, either is good or bad, for example.

Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Facebook - Online Communication Service

What's with the addiction of using Facebook? Most adolescents, even mature adults, they are all getting more and more obssessed with this kind of online communication tool to keep in contact with their friends, relatives, etc. However there's always oppotunities that people don't know they could be set in danger; strangers are everywhere and it's unpredictable and unpreventable, ususally it's out of our expectations.

Of what we have to be aware of is the language being used and various behaviours/actions/attitudes that would appeared on these online communication services. Throughout our personal observation, we should have known what's so fascinating about it; people can simply make friends from all over the world at any time, any place and under any conditions they wished to. It seems friendly and it's convenient comparing to arrange an appointment, for instance.

Anyhow, we really should be careful of this kind of service due to some of the inconvenience, such as fraudulency, spamming, etc. that would cause us a bigger trouble that we might not have thought of.

What does the high divorce rate tell us about the state of marriage and the family?

Nowadays, there an increasing number of couples divorced and leads to the high divorce rates. However, what does this imply on any effects on the state of marriage and the family? In fact, it is really a severe issue that there's a relationship that relates them altogether.

As we know the reasons of why the divorce rates are getting higher, it maybe domestic violence, difficulties in satisfying the living of family members, etc. What influences have been made to the state of marriage are that, due to the increasing divorce rates, people are likely to be more cautious about what they are doing or going to do. In the mean time, many people are more likely to be cohabiting with each other rather than getting married so urgent.

On the other hand, when a marriage comes to the development of a family, it just look as wonderful as they thought. However there are still many possibilities for spouses getting divorce and it is just as high as we can see; according to a resource from, " 2002 the number of divorces increased by 2.7% to 147,735 - the highest annual total since 1996." Although the extract is from the year of 2003, but still the figure is shocking as it say it was 7-year high for divorce rates.

The influences on families can cause chaos as well, such as the childhood of small children, as they are still innocent but inevitably have to face the complexities made by their parents/adults. The responsibilities within family seems to be disappeared as such decision of getting divorce has been made; in another words, either they rushed for a marriage without any further consideration or couldn't think of a way to sort out the problems between the two.